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[Training] Answering Yes / No Questions with Tarot + Case Studies

Answering Yes/No Questions with Tarot: A Training

(Includes 9+ case studies)
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Do you find answering Yes or No questions with tarot confusing?

You have a Yes or No question for tarot but you cannot figure out what the answer is even when you pull from the tarot.

Here are some conventional methods for a Yes/No question and why they don't work so well:

  • A one-card tarot pull: It doesn't point to a clear answer as each card has a positive or negative angle
  • Upright/Reverse means Yes or No: It's really up to chance and we might as well toss a coin
  • Waiting for an Ace card as a sign of "yes": Aces make up only 5% of the 78 cards so the odds are really not in your favor
  • Or this advice from a search result: 'Pulling cards until a "yes," "no," or even "maybe," becomes clear'--what does that even mean?

In the training Answering Yes/No Questions with Tarot, you will find a simple method for getting answers to Yes/No tarot questions which not only gives you insight into the chances of the possible outcomes but also tips on how you can turn the situation in your favour.


Answering Yes/No tarot questions can be easy

Hi! I'm YQ

I've been teaching tarot since 2017. My course has been featured on TimeOut Singapore.

I also use tarot frequently in my life as a guide to point me in the right direction and to show me the dark side of things that I tend to ignore. (Hey, I'm an idealist, don't judge.)

My wish is for everyone who wants the guidance of tarot can use it in their own lives.

I use tarot as a self discovery tool. I tried many methods of answering Yes/No questions with tarot and found a method that really helps me make a choice and also give me reassurance (or a kick in the butt if that's what I need).

What you'll learn from Answering Yes/No Questions with Tarot Training:

    • A simple tarot spread that gives you insight and clear answers to your Yes/No question
    • A breakdown of the Yes/No tarot spread so you can adapt it for different situations
    • An understanding of the "why" behind each possible outcome (The answer to Yes/No questions can be insightful!)
    • A library of 9+ case studies so you can see the spread in action (More case studies will be added into the training as we go along)
    • A way to adapt this method to other questions that involve two choices, such as "Should I do A or B?" or "Will A or B happen"
    • Bonus: A method do conduct this tarot reading on the go when you do not have a physical deck with you

Answering Yes/No Questions with Tarot is for you if:

  • You have a basic understanding of the tarot cards
  • You are able to tell Major Arcana from Minor Arcana (hint: this plays a big part in the tarot spread)
  • You are curious about the method (Hey. it's just US$9!)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What tarot system is the lesson based on?

The demonstrations use the Rider-Waite-Smith system because it's the most popular format. You can adapt it to your preferred tarot system.

I don't know anything about tarot, is this course for me?

My Tarot From Zero course would be just right for you--it gives an introduction to the cards and teach you how to read tarot without knowing the actual meanings (intuitive reading).

Do I need to know reversals to understand this training?

Personally, I do not use reversals so you won't need to know the reversed meanings for this training.

What if I don't learn anything new from this training?

If nothing in this course is new to you, I'd gladly offer a refund within 14 days. Email hello@yqmagic.com with your registered email.

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