Tarot From Zero course

In this one-hour training, find out how to get started with tarot so that you can be comfortable reading cards.

In this training, you will learn

  • What most beginners get wrong when learning how to read tarot
  • How to read tarot for yourself without a deck (I've used this method for YEARS and still get good advice)
  • How to pick a deck that makes it easier for you to learn
  • How to learn tarot daily
  • How to read tarot cards without memorizing the meanings

Who this training is for

  • People who don't feel that they are 'psychic' (I'm totally not a psychic.)
  • People who want to try out tarot

Who this training is not for

  • Tarot pros

What this training doesn't cover

  • Interpretation for all 78 cards in the deck (I have a separate course for that.)
  • Personal readings (I have services for that.)
  • "Energetically" telling you if you're suitable to read tarot or not. This is a decision for you to make

Your instructor

Hello! I'm YQ. 

I'm a tarot and astrology practitioner.

I've been teaching tarot since 2017. My class has been featured on Time Out as well as Circles.Life's Discover platform.

While I do offer tarot readings for clients, my ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to use tarot for themselves for empowerment.

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